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Ever had a really special place to hang out?
Maybe it was a neighborhood coffee shop. A used book store, perhaps. A place to hang out where you felt completely comfortable and among friends. Where you could always count on stimulating conversations — sometimes cerebral, sometimes completely off the wall. Where you could exercise your intellectual curiosity and penchant for fun in equal measures.

That special place online is A gathering place where the lost art of conversation trumps the sound bite. Where the currency is ideas. Where you actually know the name of the person you're talking with.

What makes different from other online communities?
The quality and diversity of the dialogue: No wading through endless dreck to find a few morsels of thoughtful, stimulating discourse. Whether you're interested in fierce debate, intellectual enrichment, mutual support, just hanging out or professional networking, you'll simply find more of what you're looking for at

You know who you're talking with: As a member, you use your real name. This leads to real conversations and relationships. It's the individual people here who determine the experience and create the community. This highly collaborative work in progress has been rolling since 2000.

You won't be subjected to advertising intrusions on No blinking banners, no renting of your name or information to other companies. is an online service which has been serving the internet community for more than 17 years. has something for every family or individual, as well as offering many special rates and services for clubs and businesses. offers online access to interest conferences, internet email, calendaring, and a personal webpage. Feel free to browse this site to learn more about!

How do I get started?
Logging into is very simple. Click here to download the software to your computer. After downloading, follow the on screen instructions. After account activation, you will have the free Bronze account.

Would you like your business or club to have their own intranet?
We provide significant discounts to all group members. Please see our Private Intranet area for more information.

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